Cupstock paper

Cupstock paper is produced disposable paper cup, paper bowl,

Cupstock paper

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We are specialised in producing laminated paper with good barrier properties for use in food packaging, industrial packaging, medical packaging, etc.

Below are our production capabilities.

Coating grammage: 10 - 60gsm

Raw material grammage: 22 - 300gsm

In terms of the type of PE used, we have normal and biodegradable type.

The cupstock paper is coated with food grade Polyethylene (PE) and available in 2 types according to the usage of the end product;  one-side coated CupStock Paper for hot food and both-side coated Cupstock Paper for Cold food.


Various kind of food packaging; both hot and cold food, instant noodle cups, fast food container, etc.


Produced from 100% primary Fiber

Contain NO toxic substance

Heavy metals and toxic Chemicals tested in compliance with Global Food Packaging standards

Food grade certified

Origin: INDIA, UAE

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