Kraft paper

MG Kraft paper, Kraft paper for paper bag

MG Kraft paper, coated paper; wrapping paper. MG Kraft paper, coated paper; wrapping paper- raw materials for packaging production, food wrapping paper; fruit wrapping paper, paper bag

  • MG Kraft, MF Kraft

    MG Kraft, MF Kraft

    Kraft paper with various color Golden Brown, Natural Brown , Golden Yellow, Grey Kraft Paper, Orange for paper packaging and flexible packaging

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  • PE, Silicone, Wax, metallized, collored Coated paper

    PE, Silicone, Wax, metallized, collored Coated paper

    PE, Wax, Neon, Fluorescent, pastel coated paper for wrapping paper, paper packagign, flexible packaging

    27 Products 56,139 view(s)

  • MG Bleached white Paper

    MG Bleached white Paper

    Giấy kraft bao gói màu cán bóng một mặt; Giấy trắng cán bóng một mặt

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  • Kaper board

    Kaper board

    Duplex board is often grey in appearance; a white top layer recovered office paper with smooth surface and high printability.

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  • FBB board

    FBB board

    FBB board is used for printing documents, brochures, promotional materials and envelopes, paper box, name card, card, poster… with various substances suitable for each product.

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  • Thermal Paper

    Thermal Paper

    Thermal paper is observed to have wide applications. It is used in the everyday activities, both in the offices and in the home

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  • White Wood Free Paper

    White Wood Free Paper

    Woodfree Papers find their application in printing of quality books, calendars, maps, making premium diaries, hi end exercise book, notepads, and scribble pads

    1 Products 2,152 view(s)

  • Offset paper

    Offset paper

    Offset paper is used for printing book, novel...

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  • Tissue paper

    Tissue paper

    Facial tissue paper are made from the lowest basis weights tissue paper (14 18 g/m2). The surface is often made smoother by light calendering. These paper types consist usually of 2–3 plies.

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  • Cupstock paper

    Cupstock paper

    Cupstock paper is produced disposable paper cup, paper bowl

    4 Products 8,354 view(s)

  • Manila board

    Manila board

    Manila, bristol board

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  • Bible paper

    Bible paper

    bible paper

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